Dr. Palash Mishra

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: pmishra@nitw.ac.in

: 9566160482

Interests: High Voltage DC/AC Systems; Smart grid Technologies; Nano Dielectrics; Condition Monitoring of Power Apparatus; Artificial Intelligence Techniques; Power System Resilience; Polymeric Insulation

Ph.D., IIT Madras, 2019 (High Voltage Engineering)

M.Tech., NIT Warangal, 2014 (Power Systems Engineering )

B.Tech., RKGIT Ghaziabad, 2012 (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Course Taught Previously

1. High Voltage Engineering 

2. Basic Electrical Engineering 


 1. Palash Mishra, B.M. Ashwin Desai, R. Sarathi and Takahiro Imai (2019) Performance analysis of epoxy nanocomposites due to water droplet initiated discharges under AC and DC voltages and localization of discharges, IET Sci. Meas. Technol., 13(2), 175-185.

2. Palash Mishra, B.M. Ashwin Desai, N.J. Vasa, R. Sarathi and Takahiro Imai (2019) Understanding the performance of gamma ray irradiated epoxy nanocomposite, IET Micro and Nano Lett., 14(1), 107-112.

3. Palash Mishra, Ribhu Gautam, R. Vinu and R. Sarathi (2019) Understanding the water droplet initiated discharges on gamma irradiated silicone rubber insulation, Eng. Sci., 59 (1), 182-191.

4. R. Sarathi, Palash Mishra, Ribhu Gautam and R.Vinu (2017) Understanding the influence of water droplet initiated discharges on damaged caused to corona aged silicone rubber, IEEE Trans. Dielectr. Electr. Insul., 24(4), 2421-2431.

5. Palash Mishra, C.S. Gayathri and R. Sarathi (2018) Influence of salt fog test on silicone rubber insulating material under AC voltages, INAE letters, Springer, 4(1),  1-6.

6. M. Ashwin Desai, Palash Mishra, Nilesh J Vasa and R. Sarathi (2018) Understanding the performance of epoxy nano micro composite, IET Micro and Nano Letters, 13(9), 1280-1285

7. J. Velandy and Palash Mishra (2016), Prediction of winding faults between non-stationary signals: Granger causality analysis for impulse testing of transformers, Intr. Trans. Electr. Energ. Syst., 26(1), 4-15

PHDs Supervised



 1. Palash Mishra, R. Sarathi and Noboru Yoshimura (2018) Understanding Hydrophobicity Recovery of Silicone Rubber Material Post Corona Ageing, 13th IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS 2018), 407-411.

2. Palash Mishra, Parvathy G and Sarathi R (2016) Analysis of leakage current during water droplet initiated discharges adopting RC technique, 18th Asian Conference on Electrical Discharge (ACED 2016), The Journal of CPRI, 13(1), 151-15.

3. Arun Keshav Sridhar, Palash Mishra, R. Jayaganthan and R. Sarathi (2017) Understanding the water droplet initiated discharges on silicone rubber insulating material using Hilbert Huang Transform, International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Material (ISEIM 2017), 2, 589-592.

4. Attended GIAN Course on “Ultra Wide Band Partial Discharge Detection in In-Service High Voltage Equipment” organized by IIT Kanpur in 2017.     

5Attended Continuing Education Programme on “High Voltage Engineering - Adoptability to Smart Grid” organized by IIT Madras in  2017.


DST sponsored project on "Design And Development Of Silicone Rubber Nano-Micro Composites For Outdoor Insulation Structure In Harsh Environments" (Ongoing)

Awards and Honors

 1.  DAAD funded IGCS Summer School Fellowship 2019.

2.  Best Paper Presentation Award in 18th Asian Conference on Electrical Discharge 2016 (ACED 2016)

Additional Responsibility