Dr. V. Kohila

Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: v.kohila@nitw.ac.in

: 8332969460

Interests: Gene therapy, Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Immunology


Gene therapy for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis; Bioinformatics


  1. PhD, Biotechnology: 2014, IIT Guwahati.
  2. M.Tech, Biotechnology: 2008, WBUT, Kolkata.
  3. B.Tech, Biotechnology: 2006, MEPCO, Anna University, Chennai.

Positions Held:

  1. Assistant Professor, NIT Warangal, September 2013- till date.
  2. Faculty (Adhoc), NIT Warangal, Mar- Aug, 2013.





Course Taught Previously


Course Taught Previously:

ClassDepartmentSemesterCourse IDCourse Name
III B. Tech Biotechnology VI BT363 Medical biotechnology
II B. Tech Biotechnology IV BT254 Molecular Biology & Genetics Lab
III B. Tech Biotechnology V BT301 Immunology
III B. Tech Biotechnology V BT304 Immunology Lab

Courses Currently Being Taught:

ClassDepartmentSemesterCourse IDCourse Name
I  B. TechSection AIIBT101Engineering Biology
III  B. TechBiotechnologyVIBT363Medical Biotechnology


Journal Publications:


1. R. Kowshik Aravilli, S. Laveen Vikram, V. Kohila*. Phytochemicals as potential antidotes for targeting NF-κB in rheumatoid arthritis. 3 biotech, 2017, 7:253. [Springer publications]

2. Raza MA, V. Kohila, Ghosh SS. Redesigned E. coli cytosine deaminase: a new facet of suicide gene therapy. J Gene Med, 2015, 17, 132-139. [John Wiley & sons Ltd]

3. V. Kohila, Amit Jaiswal, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh. Rationally designed Escherichia coli cytosine deaminase mutants with improved specificity towards the prodrug 5-fluorocytosine for potential gene therapy applications. Med. Chem. Commun., 2012, 3, 1316-1322. [RSC publications]

PHDs Supervised

Mr. R. Kowshik Aravilli (Full time scholar) - July 2014 - till date



Conferences/Workshops attended:

AuthorTitleConference NamePlace
R. Kowshik Aravilli, V. Kohila*In silico redesigning of hGSTM1 towards suppression of oxidative stress in rheumatoid arthritisInternational Conference on Advances in Biotechnology and Biotherapeutics (ICABBS-2017).  [Poster Presentation]Chennai, India.
V. Kohila
Solar driven water disinfection by ozonization using phytoplankton: An overview
International Conference on Innovations in Sustainable Water & Waste water Treatment Systems (ISWATS-2016). [Poster Presentation]
Pune, India.
V. Kohila
Restructured Rubisco for enhanced biosequestration of carbon dioxide by effective bioprecipitation of calcium carbonateInternational Conference on Recent Trends in Biosciences (ICRTB-2016). [Poster Presentation; Awarded Second Prize]Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
R. Kowshik Aravilli, V. Kohila*In silico modeling of hGSTM1 to suppress inflammation in rheumatoid arthritisInternational Conference and Workshop on structure based drug designing and application to infectious diseases. [Poster Presentation]HCU, Hyderabad.
Asif raza, V. Kohila, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh.
Application of redesigned E. coli cytosine deaminase in the perspective of cancer
5th International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer (ICSCC-2014): Proliferation, Differentiation and Apoptosis. [Poster Presentation]
New Delhi, India.
 V. Kohila, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh.The Emergence of E. coli Uracil PhosphoRibosylTransferase mutants in the prospect of cancer therapeutics: a Bioinformatics Approach.International Symposium on Bioengineering (ISBE-2012). [Poster Presentation]IIT Guwahati, India.
 V. Kohila, Amit Jaiswal, Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh.

Redesigning of E. coli cytosine deaminase in the perspective of cancer therapeutics.

 3rd International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer: Proliferation, Differentiation and Apoptosis (ICSCC- 2012). [Poster Presentation; Best Poster Award]
 New Delhi, India.



 R & D Project I:

Title: "Anti-inflammatory effect of a novel fusion suicide gene bCDS126R-hGST on rheumatoid arthritis".

 PI: Dr. V. Kohila

Co-PI: Dr. Amit jaiswal, Assistant Professor, IIT Mandi.

Funding Agency: ICMR, Govt. of India

Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 21,38,500

Period of Support: 2017-20


 R & D Project II:

Title: "Cytotoxic and tumor suppressor role of a novel fusion suicide gene bCDF186W-hPFN1 on rheumatoid arthritis".

 PI: Dr. V. Kohila

Funding Agency: DST-SERB, Govt. of India

Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 39,21,000

Period of Support: 2017-20


Awards and Honors


Awards and Honours:

1. Qualified Combined Entrance Examination for Biotechnology (CEEB), 2006, conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India.
2. Qualified Department of Biotechnology Junior Research Fellowship (DBT-JRF), 2008.
3. University rank holder (Second) in M.Tech (2008), WBUT.

4. MHRD fellowship to pursue PhD at IIT Guwahati.

Additional Responsibility

Departmental responsibilities:

Faculty In-Charge, III B.Tech Biotechnology from 2015 - till date

Departmental Time table incharge from July  2017