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Interests: Operations Research, Statistics, Mathematical Modeling


Operations Research


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D. Dutta & T. Vamshi Krishna

Kriging analysis in the spatial domain for dispersion models

International Conference of Operations Research,  HONG KONG

II, pp2059-2063, March, 2009

D.Dutta & A S MurthyFuzzy programming with modified s-curve membership functions for multi-objective transportation problemICDeM 2012, held at UUM, Sintok, Malaysia

pp 71-78, March, 2012

D.Dutta & Pavan KumarA partial backlogging inventory model for deteriorating itemsInt Conf in Operations Research , OSIJEK, CROATIA

pp 70-76, Sept 2014

D.Dutta & Nithish Kumar GA fuzzy fixed charge solid transportation problem with rough interval approachInt Conf in Operations Research & Statistics, Singaporepp 120-126, Jan,2016


Workshop/SSTPs/Conference Organized




Advances and Applications in Optimization Techniques

Debashis Dutta

June 6-8,2008
Modern Statistical techniques & Information Theory

Debashis Dutta

& RS Selvaraj

Dec 19-21,2013

International Conferences on Numerical Optimization 

in Engineering and Sciences (NOIEAS-2019)

Debashis Dutta


June 19-21, 2019

Workshop/SSTPs/Conference Attended




Organized At

41st Annual convention of ORSI & presented the paper, "A class of fuzzy integer transportation problem"

Dec 15-17,2008



Teaching Methods & Student Evaluation

Dec 7-8, 2009



Int Conf on Optimization and its applications

Feb 16-18, 2010


BHU, Varanasi
FIUM-2013July 18-20, 2013ConferenceNIT Rourkela
Statistical modelling for data analysisDec 9-14, 2013WorkshopIIT - Kharagpur
Teaching Effective ColloqiumSept 24-26,2014WorkshopUniv of Osijek
47th ORSI ConferenceDec 1-3,2014ConferenceSVU, Tirupati
FOSS in Teaching and Learning Mar 4-5, 2017WorkshopNIT-Warangal
Soft SkillsDec 19-21, 2018WorkshopNIT-Warangal

Student projects Supervised 

Project Name

Student(s) Name

Acd. Year

On the numerical solution of Lane-Emden differential equations with index m

V. Prithbi Krishna

MSc 2008

Fuzzy integer transportation problem

N Vijender

MSc 2008

A labeling algorithm for the fuzzy assignment problem

K. Murali

MSc 2008

A geometric process model for M/M/1 queueing system with repairable service station

Saritha Gujjula

MSc 2009

Sequencing and scheduling N customers for a stochastic server

V. Rajendraprasad

MSc 2009
Some studies of basic financial systemT Praveen KumarMSc 2010
A linear programming model for bank balance sheet managementHaritha GMSc 2011
Generalized bilinear programming : An application in farm managementSyed Saleha TabassumMSc 2011
Ant colony optimization for travelling salesman problemDivya Rani KMSc 2012
Handling the step fixed charge transportation problemG Nitish KumarMSc 2012
Handling the single delay management problem in public transportationB VeerabhadruMSc 2013
A study on aggregation method using OWA operator and parametric approachV GopinathMSc 2013
Newton's method and its use in optimizationK RajyalakshmiMSc 2013
 Data Envelopment Analysis Ch Bhagyalaxmi MSc2014
 Artificial Neural Networks S Sravani  Varalakshmi MSc2014
 A study on Nonlinear regression G Saroja MSc2014
Rough set Theory and applicationsBhavana MalladiMSc2015
A Study of Mortality and Life tablesG SindhujaMSc2016
A Study of matrix games without saddle point Ajay Kumar GuptaMSc2016
A Simulated annealing approach for travelling salesman problemC KiruthikaMSc2016
A Study on Global optimizationJ Mithun KumarMSc2017
A Study on Queueing Models in Traffic analysisK Jyoshna DeviMSc2017
Baire category theorem and its application over topological vector spaceHirapra Ravi PMSc2017

DST/AICTE/MHRD or Other Sponsord R&D Projects

Awards And Honours

Award Name

Refereed in: Opsearch, EJOR, MCM, Int J of Physical Sciences, Omega, J of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, Applied Mathematics & Computation, IJMOR
Under joint collaborating research work under networking of TEQIP, Mr. Pitam Singh, Lecturer in Mathematics, MNNIT-Allahabad, has worked under me during Feb 8-18, 2009.

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I BTech


Problem Solving and computer programming

2008-09, 13-14


Database Management Systems

2009-10, 11-12



MA 101




Mathematical Programming
2011-12, 12-131MtechMA5013Optimization Techniques
2011-121MCAMA5011Probability, Statistics & Queueing Theory
2011-121MSCMA6106Mathematical Programming Lab
2013-142BTechMA 151Mathematics II
2013-142MScMA6151Operations Research
2013-141MBA Statistics for Management
2013-141MBA Decision Methods for Management
2014-151MTechMA5013Optimization Techniques
 1MSCMA6201Database Mangement System (DBMS)
 2MSCMA6151Operations Research
 2MSCMA6153S/W Lab
2015-161MTechMA5495Numerical & Optimization Techniques
 1MTechMA5013Optimization Techniques
 1MSCMA6201Database Management Systems (DBMS)
 2MSCMA6151Operations Research
 2MSCMA6153S/W lab
 2016-17 1 MSC MA5105 Programming & Data structures(PDS)
  1 MSCMA5107 PDS Lab
 1MCAMA5011Probability, Statistics & Queueing Theory
2016-172MSCMA6151 Operations Research(OR)
  2 MSCMA6153 S/W Lab
2017-181BTech MA441Global Elective:OT
  1MSC Problem Solving & Computer Programming









Journal Name

Vol. Page. Year.

D.Dutta & V. Charles

Extremization of multiobjective stochastic fractional programming

Journal of Annals of Operations Research

v143, no.1, pp.297-304, 2006

D.Dutta & V. Charles

Identification of Redundant objective functions in multiobjective

Asia Pacific Journal of Operations Research

v23, no. 2, pp.155-170, 2006

D.Dutta & T. Vamshi Krishna

Variogram Analysis of Spatial outcome of Geo-Pollution Models

Int J. of Logic Based Intelligent Systems

V2, no.1, pp97-107, 2008

D.Dutta & T. Vamshi Krishna

Statistical and Numerical Approaches to Estimate Uncertainties of Air Dispersion Models

Int e-Journal of Numerical Analysis and Related Topics

Vol 3, pp1-8, 2009

D.Dutta & AS murthy

More for less algorithm for fuzzy transportation problem

Int J of Applied Mathematics and Analysis

Vol 4, No 2, pp179-184, 2009

D.Dutta & AS Murthy

Fuzzy Transportation Problem With Additional Restrictions

ARPN J of Engg & Applied Sciences

Vol 5, No. 2, Feb-2010

D.Dutta & AS Murthy

Multi-Choice Goal Programming Approach For A Fuzzy Transportation Problem

Int Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences

Vol 2(2), pp132-139, 2010
D.Dutta & Pavan KumarA Goal programming approach using trapezoidal membership function for fuzzy multi-objective linear fractional optimizationInt J of Applied Mathematics & ApplicationsVol 4(1), pp51-60, 2012
D.Dutta & Pavan KumarFuzzy inventory model without shortage using trapezoidal fuzzy number with sensitivity analysisIOSR J of MathematicsVol 4(3), pp32-37, 2012
D.Dutta & Pitam SinghSum of linear ratios multiobjective programming problem: A fuzzy goal programming approachNonlinear Dynamics & Systems TheoryVol 12(3), pp289-302, 2012
D Dutta & Pavan KumarApplication of ...... inventory modelInt J of Systems ScienceNov, 2013 (Online edn)
D Dutta, & Pavan Kumar

A partial backlogging........An interval number approach

Croatian Operational Research Review 6, 321-334, 2015
D Dutta & Pavan Kumar

Multiobjective linear fractional inventory model of multi-products with price dependent demand rate in fuzzy environment

Int J of Mathematics of Operations Research7, 547-565,2015
D Dutta & Pavan Kumar

A partial backlogging inventory model for .....demand and holding costs

Int J of Mathematics of Operations Research7, 281-296, 2015
D Dutta & G Nithish Kumar

Solving multiobjective fuzzy solid transportation problem based on .......goal programming approach

IOSR J of Mathematics11, 88-96, 2015
D Dutta &  G Nithish Kumar 

Solving fuzzy solid transportation problem based on extension principle

IJARSE4, 62-74, 2015

D Dutta and G Nithish Kumar

 A fuzzy fixed charge solid transportation problem with rough interval approach and sensitivity analysis Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research Vol 3(2), 2016

D Dutta and G Nithish Kumar 

A fuzzy fixed charge solid transportation problem with rough interval approach Global Science and Technology Forum,


DOI: 10.5176/2251-1938_ORS16.20 

PHDs Supervised




Award Year

Vincent Charles

Optimization of stochastic fractional programming problems


Taduri Vamshi Krishna

Some mathematical and statistical studies of dispersion of air pollution

A S MurthySome applications of fuzzy set theory in transportation problems2012
 Pavan Kumar Some studies on single and multi-objective inventory models in crisp and fuzzy environments 2014
Nithish Kumar

Some studies on fuzzy solid transportation problems with rough intervals,

stochastic and budget constraints







Advances and Applications in Optimization Techniques

Debashis Dutta

June 6-8,2008
Modern Statistical techniques & Information Theory

Debashis Dutta

& RS Selvaraj

Dec 19-21,2013


International Conference on Numerical Optimization in 

Engineering and Sciences (NOIEAS-2019)

Debashis Dutta

June 19-21, 2019






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 Deputy Chief Warden (Jan 7, 2014 - Nov 30, 2016)

Head of Department (6-1-2016 to 11-1-2017)