Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science And Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: srirameesh@yahoo.com

: 9108702462712

Interests: Architectures and Coding infrastructures in Computer Networks, Service-oriented, Distributed, Secured, Cluster and Cloud Computing Environments in pursuit of Model Driven Framework-oriented Systems and Applications Software.


"An Average Teacher Teaches, A Good Teacher Experiments A Best Teacher Inspires"

"A Lamp cannot light another, Unless it continues to burn its own flame. Similarly A TEACHER can never really teach, Unless he himself continues to learn " - Rabindranath Tagore.

Course Taught Previously

Operating Systems,   Computer Networks,   Socket Programming and Network Security,   Systems Programming,

Cryptography and Network Security,    Advanced Operating Systems/Distributed Systems,    

Data Structures and Algorithms ,   File Structures,   Problem Solving and Computer Programming,

Software Engineering,  Programming language Concepts,   Computer Graphics,  Artificial Intelligence.

Courses Currently Being Taught (2017-18)

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Data Structures and Algorithm


File Structures



Data Structures Lab



 K.Ramesh, Venkateswarlu K., R. Chandra Sekharam,  "Design and Implementation of Peer-to-Peer E-Mail System", International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication(ADCOM-2006), pp. 54-57, December,2006

 K.Ramesh, T.Ramesh, "ASWIN: Model Driven Framework for Automated Software Product Generation in a Distributed Network Environment",Proceedings of International Conference FACT-2009: Recent Trends in Computing and Communications, Chennai, TN, INDIA, pp. 25-30 December 18-19, 2009

 K.Ramesh, T.Ramesh, "Model Driven Framework for Networked Application Software Generation", International Journal of Computing, Volume 2, Issue 7, (ISSN 2151-9617), pp. 143 -152, July 2010

 K.Ramesh, T.Ramesh, "Domain-Specific Modeling and Synthesis of Distributed Networked Systems", International Journal of Computer Science and Communications Vol-II, Issue-II (ISSN: 0973-7391). pp 485-495, 2011.

Workshops Organised: An Advanced Technology Programme on NETWORK PROGRAMMING & SECURITY,    9th June 2008 to 21st June 2008 , Sponsored by : Ministry of Human Resource and Development,Government of India, New Delhi



M.Tech/MCA projects Guided: Approximately 120 in the areas of Computer Networks, Security, Systems Software, Web technologies, DCOM, Model Driven Software Development.

B.Tech Projects Guided: Approximately 70 in the areas of Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Operating Systems, Device Drivers, Web Technologies, Object-oriented systems, File Structures, Systems Software, Security, Cloud Computing, Software Architectures, Model driven Software Development.

Foreign Visits : United Kingdom, France

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