Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science And Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: rashrr@nitw.ac.in

: 08332969418

Interests: Mobile Computing; Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks; Online Social Networks; Cyber Physical Systems; Internet of Things; Network Security; Cloud Computing

PhD (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India)



Wireless Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Online Social Networks, 

Computer Communications and Advanced Networks, Mobile Computing,  Distributed and Cloud Computing


Google Scholar link:  https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?hl=en&user=SQTBOa8AAAAJ

Member of Professional Bodies

Member: IEEE Senior Member

Life Member: ISTE

Membership: ACM

Administrative Responsibilities 

1. WSDC (Web and Software Development Cell) Faculty Advisor, NIT Warangal (from Dec 2013 to June 2018)

2. Faculty In-charge (Website and Internet), NIT Warangal (July 2018 to  Feb 2021)

3.  Faculty In-charge ( Institute MIS, Continuing)


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."- Albert Einstein



Course Taught Previously

 Courses handling (August 2021)




Course Name

M. Tech (I Year) Computer Science and Information SecurityIWireless and Mobile Networks
B. Tech (III Year) Computer Science and Engineering VOperating Systems


Courses Handled:

ClassesDepartmentSemesterCourse Name
B. Tech (IV Year) Computer Science and Engineering VIIMobile Computing
B Tech(III Year)Computer Science and EngineeringVOperating Systems

B. Tech (III Year)

Computer Science and Engineering

V- Sec A and Sec B

Data Networks

B. Tech (I Year) Students from various departments I and IIProblem Solving and Computer Programming
MCA (II Year)Computer Science and EngineeringIVComputer Communications and Networking
M. Tech(I Year)Computer Science and EngineeringIWireless and Mobile Networks
M. Tech (I Year)Information SecurityIDesign of Secure Protocols
M. Tech (I Year)Computer Science and Information SecurityIMathematical Models for Internet
M. Tech (I Year)Computer Science and Information SecurityIComputational Number Theory
M. Tech (I Year) Computer Science and Information SecurityIINetwork Security
MCA (I Year )Computer Science and EngineeringIIData Structures


Journal Publications:

S.NoAuthorTitleJournal NameVol. Page. Year.
20Satish Vemireddy, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Energy Efficient Task Offloading in Vehicular Fog Computing

 Computer Networks (Elsevier) September 2021,  


19Priyanka Parimi, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Genetic algorithm based rumor mitigation in online social networks through counter-rumors: A multi-objective optimization

Information Processing & Management (Elsevier)Volume 58, Issue 5,
18Manoj Kumar Somesula, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu

Contact duration-aware cooperative cache placement using genetic algorithm for mobile edge networks

 Computer Networks (Elsevier) Available Online, 3rd April 2021, Volume 193,
17Manoj Kumar Somesula, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu

Deadline-aware caching using echo state network integrated fuzzy logic for mobile edge networks

 Wireless Networks (Springer) Published: 18th March 2021, 


16Satish Vemireddy, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Auction Based Energy-Efficient Cooperative Relay Scheduling in Bidirectional Highway Scenarios for VANET

Wireless Personal Communications (Springer)

Published online 3rd March 2021, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11277-021-08302-9

15Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Satish Vemireddy, Sanjib Kumar Raul, DVLN Somayajulu

Fuzzy Logic-based Emergency Vehicle Routing: An IoT System Development for Smart City Applications

Computers and Electrical Engineering (Elsevier)Vol 88, 2020. Accepted on 31st August 2020.
14Greeshma Lingam, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, D. V. L. N. Somayajulu and S. K. Ghosh

Particle Swarm Optimization on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Detecting Social Spam Bots and Spam-Influential Users in Twitter Network

IEEE Systems Journal

 17 November 2020, doi: 10.1109/JSYST.2020.3034416
13Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Greeshma Lingam, DVLN Somayajulu

Detection of Malicious Social Bots Using Learning Automata With URL Features in Twitter Network

IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems Vol 7, Issue 4,  Aug 2020, Date of pub. 14th May 2020
12Satish Vemireddy, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Clustering based energy efficient multi-relay scheduling in green vehicular infrastructure

 Vehicular Communications (Elsevier) Vol 25,  Year: 2020
11Greeshma Lingam, Rashmi Ranjan RoutD. V. L. N. Somayajulu

Adaptive deep Q-learning model for detecting social bots and influential users in online social networks

Applied Intelligence (Springer)Published online: 18 May 2019, Vol 49, issue 11, pages 3947-3964, Nov 2019. 
10Sai Krishna Mothku, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Markov Decision Process and Network Coding for Reliable Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Elsevier)

Accepted on 22.03.2019. Published: 

Volume 56, pages 29-44, May 2019

9Sai Krishna Mothku, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Adaptive Fuzzy-Based Energy and Delay-Aware Routing Protocol for a Heterogeneous Sensor Network

 Hindawi, Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Accepted on 28.11.2018, Volume 2019, Article ID 3237623, 11 pages

Sai Krishna Mothku, Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Fuzzy Logic Based Adaptive Duty Cycling for Sustainability in Energy Harvesting Sensor Actor Networks

 Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences (Elsevier) Published online:3rd Oct 2018 (Published online at the Journal portal)

Lingam Greeshma, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu

Learning Automata-Based Trust Model for User Recommendations in Online Social NetworksComputers & Electrical Engineering (Elsevier)Accepted on 20.10.2017. Published: Vol 66, page No. 174-188, 2018
6Sai Krishna M and Rashmi Ranjan RoutAdaptive buffering using Markov Decision Process in tree-based Wireless Sensor and Actor NetworksComputers & Electrical Engineering (Elsevier)Accepted (Sep 2017) (Published online at the journal portal)
5Rashmi Ranjan Rout,  Sai Krishna M and Shalinee GuptaMarkov Decision Process Based Switching  Algorithm for Sustainable Rechargeable Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE Sensors Journal

Vol.16, No. 8, pages 2788-2797, 2016.

4Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S. K. GhoshAdaptive Data Aggregation and Energy Efficiency using Network Coding in a Clustered Wireless Sensor Network: An Analytical ApproachComputer Communications (Elsevier)

Vol.40, pages 65-75, 2014

3Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S. K. GhoshEnhancement of Lifetime using Duty Cycle and Network Coding in Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Vol. 12 (2), pages: 656-667, 2013

2Ayon Chakrabarty, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Aveek Chakrabarti, S. K. GhoshOn Network Lifetime Expectancy with Realistic Sensing and Traffic Generation Model in Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE Sensors Journal

Vol. 13 (7), pages: 2771-2779, 2013

1Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S. K. Ghosh, Saswat ChakrabartiCo-operative Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks using Network CodingIET (IEE) Wireless Sensor Systems Vol. 2 (2), pages: 75-85, 2012


S.NoAuthor Name (s)TitleConference/Workshop NameVol. Page. Year.
21 Ramakant Kaurav, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Satish VemireddyBlockchain for Emergency Vehicle Routing in Healthcare Services: An Integrated Secure and Trustworthy System COMSNETS 2021 - NetHealth Workshop, Bengaluru, India9th Jan 2021
20Hala Sadek Ali, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Priyanka Parimi, Sajal K. Das

Real-Time Task Scheduling in Fog-Cloud Computing Framework for IoT Applications: A Fuzzy Logic-based Approach

 2021 International Conference on COMmunication Systems & NETworkS (COMSNETS), Bengaluru, India January 5 - 9, 2021
19A. Sonowal, A. Idupulapati, D. Booravilli, P. Parimi and Rashmi Ranjan Rout

An Improved Model for Dynamic Opinion Updates in Online Social Networks

2020 IEEE 4th Conference on Information & Communication Technology (CICT), Chennai, India, 2020, doi: 10.1109/CICT51604.2020.9312115.

3-5 Dec 2020
18 Lingam Greeshma, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu, Sajal K. Das Social Botnet Community Detection: A Novel Approach Based on Behavioral Similarity in Twitter Network Using Deep Learning 15th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM Asia CCS 20), Taipei, Taiwan pages: 708-718, 2020
17Bedatrayee Ghosh, Priyanka Parimi and Rashmi Ranjan Rout

Improved Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme in Fog Computing Environment for Healthcare Systems

2020 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), Kharagpur, India1-3 July, 2020
16Rahul Kumar, Kamalakanta Sethi,
NishantPrajapati, Rashmi Ranjan Rout,
Padmalochan Bera

Machine Learning based Malware Detection in Cloud Environment using Clustering Approach

2020 11th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), Kharagpur, India1-3 July, 2020
15Lingam Greeshma, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu

Deep Q-Learning and Particle Swarm Optimization for Bot Detection in Online Social Networks

10th ICCCNT 2019 July 6-8, 2019, IIT - Kanpur, India (Available  in IEEE Xplore) 6-8 July 2019
14 Lingam Greeshma, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, DVLN Somayajulu

Detection of Social Botnet using a Trust Model based on Spam Content in Twitter Network

  2018 IEEE 13th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), Rupnagar, (IIT Ropar), Punjab,  Indiapages: 280-285, 1-2 Dec. 2018.
13U Sonpatki, SK Mothku, RR Rout

A Congestion-Aware Routing Protocol for Voluminous Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks

2008 Conference on Information and Communication Technology (CICT),  (available in IEEE Xplore), (IIITDM)Jabalpur, India26-28 Oct. 2018
12 Neha Arya, RR Rout, G Lingam 

Network Coding Based Multiple Fault Tolerance Scheme in P2P Cloud Storage System

 2018 IEEE 13th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), Rupnagar, (IIT Ropar), Punjab,  India pages: 223-228, 1-2 Dec. 2018.
11 A Chanda, R R Rout, G Lingam

An Improved Friendship-based Routing Algorithm in Mobile Social Networks

 2018 IEEE 13th International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS), Rupnagar, (IIT Ropar), Punjab, India pages: 286-291, 1-2 Dec. 2018.
10Rashmi Ranjan Rout,  Sravani Balne

Trust Based Routing in Resource-Constrained Cellular Delay Tolerant Networks

3rd  International Conference on "Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC 2016), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India (10th Feb to 12th Feb. 2016) pages: 63-70, 10-12 Feb 2016.
9Dikshita Agarwal, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S. Ravi Chandra

Detection of Node-Misbehavior using Overhearing and Autonomous Agents in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

2nd International Conference (IEEE Sponsored) on "Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC 2015), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India (to be held form 12th Feb to 14th Feb. 2015) pages: 152-157, 12-14 Feb 2015
8Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S. K. Mothku, S. K. GhoshEnergy Efficient Relaying using Network Coding for Inter-Cluster Communication in Sensor Networks9th IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information 
Systems (IEEE ICIIS2014), Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management and Management, Gwalior, India  
15-17 Dec. 2014
7Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Dolly TalrejaTrust-based Decentralized Service Discovery in Structured Peer-to-Peer Networks11th IEEE India Conference INDICON 2014 , Pune, India page:1-6, 11-13 Dec 2014
6Reisha Ali, Rashmi Ranjan RoutAn Adaptive Caching Technique using Learning Automata in Disruption Tolerant Networks8th International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Apps,Services and Technologies (NGMAST), OXFORD, UK, 2014  [IEEE Technically co-sponsored Conference]page: 186-191, 10-12 Sep, 2014
5Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Saswati Ghosh, S. K. GhoshEfficient Data Collection with Directional Antenna and Network Coding in Wireless Sensor NetworksSixth IEEE Internation Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (IEEE ANTS 2012), Banglore, Indiapage: 81-86, Dec. 2012 
4Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S.K. Ghosh, Saswat ChakrabartiA Network Coding based Probabilistic Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor NetworkSixth IEEE WCSN 2010, IIIT Allahabad, Indiapage: 27-32, Dec. 2010
3Rashmi Ranjan Rout, S.K. Ghosh, Saswat ChakrabartiNetwork Coding-aware Data Aggregation for a Distributed Wireless Sensor NetworkFourth IEEE International Conference on Industrial and Information Systems (ICIIS 2009), University of Paradeniya, Srilankapage; 32-36, Dec. 2009
2S. Misra, Rashmi Ranjan Rout, T. Krishna, P. Manilal, and M. S. ObaidatMarkov Decision Process-Based Analysis of Rechargeable Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks(ACM) Communication Networking Symposium, SpringSim 2010, Orlando, Fl, USApage: 1-7, April 2010
1Rashmi Ranjan Rout, Krishna KantReduction of Look up Latency in Location-aware Clusters of Large-scale P2P Overlay Networks

IEEE TENCON 2008, University of Hyderabad, India


page:1-6, Nov. 2008

PHDs Supervised

 PhD Students (Completed/Ongoing):

S. NoBroad Area of ResearchName of ScholarYear of JoiningCategory Status
1Wireless Sensor and Actor NetworkM. Sai Krishna2013Institute Research ScholarDegree Awarded
2Security and Privacy Issues Online Social Networks L. Greeshma2016Institute Research Scholar (Joint Guidance)Degree Awarded
3Content-centric caching and data routing in Mobile Edge NetworksS. Manoj Kumar2016Institute Research Scholar(Joint Guidance)Ongoing
4Vehicular Networks Satish VemiReddy2017 JRF and (Got Institute Scholarship from July 2019)Ongoing
5Issues across Social Groups in Online Social NetworksPriyanka Parimi2017Institute Research ScholarOngoing
6Classification Methods for Online Social NetworksSanjib Kumar Raul2017Joined as JRF and Continuing PhDOngoing


 Workshops Organised (as Coordinator/Joint Coordinator):

S. NoTitle of WorkshopDurationParticipantsSponsor and Venue
1Advanced Wireless and Mobile Network Technologies3-7 October 201351TEQIP-II, at NIT Warangal
2ISTE Main Workshop on Computer Programming 16-21 june 201424IIT Bombay (NMEICT Project)
3.Pervasive and Mobile Computing24th Nov. to 3rd December 201546E&ICT Academy, at NIT Warangal
4Security and Privacy26th July to 31st July 201630E&ICT Academy,  at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering(Autonomous), Visakhapatnam
5Security and Privacy15th October to 20th October 201642E&ICT Academy,  at KKR&KSR Institute of Technology & Sciences, Guntur
6Sensor Networks and Internet on Things27th November to 2nd December 201659E&ICT Academy, at VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Bachupally, Hyderabad
7Pervasive and Mobile Computing5th December to 14th December 201628E&ICT Academy, at NIT Suratkal
8Sensor Networks and Internet on Things14th February to 19th February 201740E&ICT Academy,  at GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam
9Internet of Things and its Real Time Applications25th March to 31st March 201748E&ICT Academy,  at KKR & KSR Institute of Technology and Sciences, Guntur
10Advanced Wireless and Mobile Networks22nd April to 27th April 201740E&ICT Academy,  at N.B.K.R. Institute Of Science And Technology, Nellore
11Python and R Programming1stMay to 6th May 2017 65E&ICT Academy,  at Anurag Group of Institutions (autonomous), Ghatkesar, Hyderabad
12GIAN programme on Wireless Sensor Networks (National Level)30th May to 8th June 201655MHRD, GIAN Programme, IIT Kharagpur(External Expert: Prof. Sajal K. Das, IEEE Fellow (USA), held at NIT Warangal
13Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things22nd May to 31st May 201741E&ICT Academy, at NIT Warangal
15IOT and Analytics21st October to 26th October 201740E&ICT Academy, Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada
16Advances in Cloud Computing20th April to 26th April 201859E&ICT Academy, at B. V. Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur

Internet of Things (NKN Summer Course, National Level),  Principal Coordinator across, E&ICT Academies, National level

18th June to 22nd June 2018119 at NIT Warangal, More than 400 at National Level (with other Academies)E&ICT Academy, at NIT Warangal ( with other Academies) 

Python and R Programming

16th July to 22nd July 201850E&ICT Academy,  at Matrusri Engineering College, Sadiabad, Hyderabad

Internet of Things and its Real Time Applications

28th Jan to 2nd Feb 201950E&ICT Academy at Hirasugar Institute of Technology, Nidasoshi, Belagavi, Karnataka


 Sponsored Projects: 

S.NOArea of ResearchYear of projectFunds of   Project and SourceStatus
1.Mobile Computing-Pedagogy Project2014-20177 Lakhs, Pedagogy, IIT KharagpurCompleted
2.Design and Development of a Multi-Modal Geo-Sensor Network for Ambulance and Noise Nuisance Monitoring in Urban India.(Dec, 2016 - Dec 2019)33.06 Lakhs, DST, New DelhiCompleted

Awards and Honors


Additional Responsibility


Research Guidance (some of the projects): M. Tech.'s Supervised 

S. No

Title of the Project Work

Name of the Student (Roll No./Reg. No)

Academic Year



Secure Key Revocation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Nitin Tripathi (117564)




Adaptive Learning Automata based Caching Technique for Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks

Reisha Ali (127573)




Misbehavior Detection in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

Dikshita Agarwal (127555)




An Adaptive switching Algorithm for Maximizing Lifetime in Tree-based Sensor Actor Networks

Jitendra Kumar Sarangi (127507)




Markov Decision Process Based Switching Algorithm for Rechargeable Wireless  Sensor Network

Shalinee Gupta(2014-2015)




Trust Based Probabilistic Replication Control in Infrastructure-aided DTN

Sravani Balne (137566)




Detection and Mitigation of Malicious Activities in Wireless Peer to Peer Networks

Saumya Mittal(147568)




Reliable Routing in Mobile Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network with Obstacles

Nikita Neema





Publications Service (Reviewed papers for the following National/International Journals) :

S. No

Title of the Journals

Name of the Publisher


Journal of Network and Computer Applications



Ad-hoc Networks



IEEE Communication Letters



IET Wireless Sensor Systems



Personal Area Communications



IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications



IEEE Sensors Journal



Some of my talks (As Resource Person):

S. No

Title of Workshop/Conference/Event

Duration/Date of presentation


Organized by


Internet of Things

20th September 2018


Vellore Institute of Technology, (VIT), Vellore


Mobile Security and Mobile Application Testing

1st May-3rd May2017


Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad


Research Week-2015 (Track: Wireless Sensor Network)

21st March 2015


Gujurat Technological University(GTU), Ahemedabad


Recent Advances in Cloud Computing

12 th March 2015


Mahatma Gandhi University(MGU), Nalgonda


Recent Advancements in Wireless and Mobile Network Technologies

21st july -25 july 2014


RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata


Advanced Wireless and Mobile Network Technologies

3-7 October 2013


NIT Warangal (TEQIP-II)


Country Visited:


 Oxford, United  Kingdom

From 10-12 September 2014 (for presenting Research Paper on: An Adaptive Caching Technique using Learning Automata in Disruption Tolerant Networks), in Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST2014), Oxford, United Kingdom


Some of the workshops attended:



Organised by




Teaching and Learning for Excellence

TEQIP-II, NIT Warangal


17-19 July 2012


Teacher Leadership

Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras


9-10th Nov. 2012


Security and Privacy Symposium


Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur


28th Feb. -2nd Mar 2013


QIP short term course on Network Algorithms

Department of CSE, IIT Guwahati


9-13th September 2013


Second NKN Workshop

IISc Bangalore


17-19th October 2013


ISTE Coordinators' Workshop on Computer Programming

IIT Bombay


21-26 April 2014