Department of Electronics & communication Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA


: 8332969355, 9490378430

Interests: Microwave Engg ; Radar Engg, ; Antennas & Propagation; Computer Networks ; ANNs


  M.Tech ( E.I)

  Ph.D [ Radar Signal Processing ]





 There is no shortcut for hardwork







Course Taught Previously









Computer Networks, Quality & Reliability in Electronic Systems , PC based Data Acquisition Systems


Advanced Computer Networks

Mobile Networks

Networking Lab

Multimedia Communications

Multimedia Communications Lab

Green Communications


M.S.I.T   (2005)

Computer Networks, Network Programming, NP Lab









Computer Networks, Electromagnetic Fields & Waves, Microwave & Radar Engg, Antennas & Wave propagation, IC Applications , Fuzzy Logic & Neural Networks, Microprocessors & Interfacing

IC Applications Lab, Microwave Lab, Instrumentation Lab


Projects guided so far


B.Tech: 45, M.Tech : 40





              List of publications in journals


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      List of Publications in conference


  1. S.MANI, N.GUPTA, K.P.M.BHAT, L.ANJANEYULU,U.R.DESHMUKH : "S- band Instrumentation  Radar for  Back  scatter measurements",  Proc.  Conference on Clutter  characterization,  Aeronautical  Society of India (AeSI) and IEEE (Bangalore branch), March 1994,  pp 13-29.
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  11. Kiran, Dr. L.Anjaneyulu (2019) “The Significance of transmitting a circular polarized component over a linear polarized component of RISAT-1 data for Land cover Classification” POLinSAR Conference ESA, Italy.



Book Chapters


Massive MIMO for 5G Network: Fundamentals, Challenges and Key Technologies

Advanced Aspects of Engineering Research Vol. 14, 20 May 2021 , Page 104-111  


Implementation of Best Hybrid Adaptive and Intelligent MIMO Detector on Reconfigurable Architecture for 5G LTE/IoT Environment,

Prof L. Anjaneyulu, TV Anil Kumar

Pages 49-56, Chapter 25, Springer Book Series, Smart Trends in Computing and Communications:

Proceedings of SmartCom 2020, ISBN 978-981-15-5224-3, DOI 10.1007/978-981-15-5224-3, ©2021 ( )


PHDs Supervised



Student Name

Title of the Thesis / Area of research




Design and Performance Evaluation of Broadband CPW fed Reconfigurable Microstrip Antennas



D. Kiran

Analysis and Evaluation of Hybrid Polarimetry Synthetic Aperture Radar  data for land cover classification



Arun Kumar


Implementation of remotely controlled Instrumentation system for an unmanned Underwater Missile Launching Platform





Investigations on PAPR and ICI reduction techniques in OFDM systems





Performance Evaluation of Equalizations Techniques for Underwater Communications





Investigations on compact circularly polarised antennas for 5G Wireless applications




M. Sandhya

Investigations on Wearable antennas







Name of the course



Teacher’s precise role

Induction Training Programme

REC, Warangal

13-15 Sept ‘97


Workshop on Management of Change & Life Long Learning

REC, Warangal

29 April ‘98


Instruction Design & Delivery Systems

TTTI, Hyderabad

26-30 Oct ‘98


Workshop on Management Skills for Engineering Teachers (ISTE)

REC, Warangal

18-19 Dec ‘98


High Speed Networking (AICTE-ISTE)

REC, Warangal

04-15 Oct ‘98


EMTP,MATLAB, PSPICE packages and their Applications (AICTE-ISTE)

REC, Warangal

12 Dec ’99 to 1 Jan 2000


Medical Instrumentation & Informatics


REC, Warangal

5-16 June 2000


Mentors Training Workshop on “Networking” (APSCHE, Hyderabad)

CDE, Osmania Univ., Hyderabad

17-23 Sept, 2000


“Technical Education through Virtual Classroom : Technologies and Techniques”

CET, NIT, Warangal

31-12-2001 to 12-1-2002

Resource Person


Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Govt of AP, Hyderabad

31 Dec 2002 – 2 Jan 2003

Course Coordinator

Web Based Engineering Education : Tools and Content Generation


CET, NIT, Warangal

22nd March – 2nd April 2004

Resource Person

INDEST-NCST Workshop on “Institutional Repositories”

CCE, IISc, Bangalore

27th  - 29th July 2004


Workshop on “Microwave Measurements”

NIT, Warangal  (TEQIP)

10-12 August 2005

Resource Person

Workshop on “Campus Wide Networking” Implementation

JNTU, Hyderabad (NPIU, TEQIP)

1-2 September 2005






work shop on CYBERLAWS

NIT, Warangal  (TEQIP)

15-17, April 2006



NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

6th-7th, May 2006


Workshop on “Academic Reforms and Curriculum Development”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

26th-27th, May 2006


Workshop on “ eGovernance Standards”

National Informatics center, Hyderabad (GOI)

20-21,Sep 2006

Resource Person

STTP on “Computational Fluid Dynamics”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

15-19, Jan 2007


STC on “Advances in DSP”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

21-25, March 2007


STC on “IT Training Course for Police Personnel”

NIT, Warangal

21-26,May 07 & 4 – 6, June 2007

Course Coordinator

STC on “ Switched Mode Power Conversion”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

18-22, June 2007


STC on “Embedded Systems & Technology”

IIT, Kharagpur

25-30, June 2007


Training Program on Advanced Communication Equipment

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

3-7, October 2007

Course Coordinator

Computer Training Program to Revenue employees of Warangal District  ( 3 Batches of 50 each)

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

19-11-07 to 24-11-07,

26-11-07 to 1-12-07,

  3-12-07 to 8-12-07

Course Coordinator & Resource person

“IT Training  Course for Rural Girl Students”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

7-1-08 to 16-2-08 and 3-3-08 to 7-3-08 ( 7 Weeks )

Course Coordinator

MHRD Summer School (Refresher Course )  on “Electromagnetics and RF Systems”

NIT, Warangal (MHRD)

May 19th-31st  , 2008

Course Coordinator & Resource person

MHRD Summer School “ Data Communications & Networking”

NIT, Warangal (MHRD)

2nd –14th June 2008

Course Coordinator

“IT Training  Course for Rural Girl Students”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

18-9-08 to 20-10-08 

Course Coordinator

3 Workshops on “ Improving working skills” for Non teaching employees of the Institute

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

During Oct, Nov, Dec 2008

Resource Person

“IT Training  Course for Rural Girl Students”

NIT, Warangal (TEQIP)

16-11-09 to 19-12-09 

Course Coordinator

NMEICT Southzone meeting

TELCO, Chennai



NKN Southzone Meeting

NGRI, Hyderabad



Online ISTE Workshop on “ Research Methodologies “,    under NMEICT, IIT, Bombay

NIT, Warangal

24-6-2012 to 4-7-2012

TA/Network Coordinator

Workshop on  RTI ACT (Teqip)

NIT, Warangal



Coordinator’s workshop on “Aakash for Education”

IIT, Bombay

4-11-12 to 6-11-12


Online ISTE Workshop on “Aakash for Education”  under NMEICT, IIT, Bombay

NIT, Warangal

10-11-12 to 11-11-12


Project Management Institute “ PMBOK 4th Edition workshop” – 35 hrs learning credit

NIT, Warangal

22, 23, 29,30-12-2012 (4 days)


Annual Technology Day & Technology challenges, IteS , Hyderabad

TCS, Hyderabad







Online Workshop “”Research Methods in Educational Technology” under NMEICT, IIT, Bombay

NIT, Warangal

2-2-2013 & 9-2-2013


Building Research and Innovation Ecosystem at NITW

NIT, Warangal



Lead Auditor Course on “ Information Security Management Systems “

STQC, Hyderabad (Min of IT)

17-6-2013 to 21-6-203


Management Development Programme

ISB, Hyderabad

25-6-2013 to 26-6-2013


NBA Training Program "Outcome based Accreditation "

NIT, Warangal

4-3-2014 to 5-3-2014


Strategic Management IP Rights

Hotel Taj Krishna Hyderabad

16-4-2014 to 17-4-2014


IPv6 Roadmap, ERNET India

IIT, Chennai



Mentor Development Programme

TASK & CII, Hyderabad

10-2-16 to 11-2-16


Information and communication Technology (MS OfficeTools & Internet) - FDP

E &ICT Academy, NIT, Warangal

20-05-2016 to 25-05-2016 (6)

Course Coordinator

Computer Networks - FDP


E &ICT Academy, NIT, Warangal

17-06-2016 to 26-06-2016 (10)

Course Coordinator

Information and communication Technology (MS Office Tools & Internet) - FDP

E &ICT Academy, NIT, Warangal

23-5-2017 to 01-06-2017  (10)

Course Coordinator

One day Sensitization workshop for Maths, Biology, Physics School Teachers ( 400 teachers of 15 Districts of Telangana State)

NIT, Warangal

11-1-2018, 19-1-2018, 20-1-2018, 23-1-2018

Resource Person

Start-up Cell Coordinator's Workshop

BITS, Ranchi

16-1-2018 to 17-1-18 (2)






State Level Summer Internship for Schools students of Telangana State ( RAA, NIT & SCERT, Telangana)

NIT, Warangal

4-5-2018  to 3-6-2018

Mentor & Guide

One day national workshop on "Role of IPRs in Innovation Management for Academia-Industry Collaboration "


NIT, Warangal



Telangana State Science Congress (TSSC-2018)

NIT, Warangal

22-12-2018 to 24-12-2018

Joint Secretary (LOC)

Chekumuki Children's Science Festival

NIT, Warangal

5-1-2019 to 7-1-2019


State Level Summer Internship for Schools students of Telangana State ( RAA, NIT & SCERT, Telangana)

NIT, Warangal

1-5-2019 to 30-5-2019


FDP on "Teaching and Learning Methods for Outcome Based Engineering Education"

TLC, NIT, Warangal & BITS, Narsampet

8-7-2019 to 13-7-2019

FDP Coordinator




(A)  Projects worked in (Before joining NIT):


As Project Officer  at Faculty of Electronics, IAT (DRDO),  Pune


Project "CLIMATE" : S-band Surface borne Radar System development for clutter measurement and classification  (DoE) -- Hardware & Software


Project "PRIMEX" : X-band Air borne Radar System development for clutter measurement and modeling (ADA (DRDO), Bangalore) -- Hardware & Software


Project "Nisarg"  : Exploitation of natural media for electromagnetic applications (IAT)


As "Staff Scientist"  at Helios Systems & Software, Chennai


Project ORPAS : Development On-board Radio Propagation Assessment System for war ships ( INTEG, IN, Bombay)  - Software with GUI


Projects : Airborne Early Warning (AEW), PROPR, AIRVCD, RAYS

( INTEG, IN, Bombay) - Software with GUI


R&D Projects Completed (After joining NIT):



Title of Project

Date of Starting and Completion





HOSA Techniques for Identification of LPI Radar Signals

June 07  - June 08

9.5 Lakhs

 Project coordinators : Prof N.S.Murthy  & L. Anjaneyulu 





Development of Adaptive Digital Beam Forming algorithms and Analysis for Active Phased Array Radars

May 2011- Mar  2013



9.9 lakhs

 Principle Investigator :  Prof N.S.Murthy

Co-investigator          ; Dr L. Anjaneyulu 


MOIL Limited (Ministry of Mines), Nagpur

Virtual Reality  based Simulator for Electric Winder

Principle Investigator : Prof L. Anjaneyulu

April 18 - Oct 19

18.63 lakhs


 (B) Projects On-going


Project proposal

Submitted to

Amount (lakhs)



Virtual Reality Simulator for  Koepe Winder

Role :  Principal Investigator


Hindustan Copper. Kolkata


Under process of sanction


"Study and implementation of Channel Estimation Techniques for 5G Wireless Communication Systems"

Role : Mentor

(Candidate :Dr T.Anil Kumar, CMRIT, Hyderabad)

SERB,DST, New Delhi , under Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE) scheme


Sanctioned (No. TAR/2018/000899 )  ( 9-11-2018 to 8-11-2021)

- 3 years


Awards and Honors

Best paper Awards : IEEE Malaysia conference and IETE Journal Gold medal award


Service to Community :

 Conducted  8  Computer Training and Internet Courses for  Warangal Police  Personnel, for Revenue employees of Warangal District and for 100 Rural Girl Students of Warangal, school and college teachers of Warangal District


 Visits Abroad :

 Visited University of Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia  two times  to present  papers  at IEEE International Conferences

 Visited  Khalifa University , Abu Dhabi, UAE


Other technical achivements

  1. Reviewer for Defence Science Journal , DESIDOC (DRDO), New Delhi
  2. Technical Expert for establishing Campus Networks in engineering colleges.
  3. Examiner for M.Tech & Ph.D Viva-Voce of other universities
  4. Curriculum design for Computer Networks Course
  5. Established Networking Lab and Multimedia Communication lab for M.Tech Students
  6. Played Key role in the design & establishment of Fiber Optic Backbone for Campus Network.
  7. Played Key role in the establishment of Communication network in the campus
  8. Member, BoS : JNTU, Anantapur, VNRVJIET, KITS

Additional Responsibility

 1. Faculty-in-Charge, Telecom Center ( Internet & Campus LAN & EPABX) ( for 10 years up to 1-8-2016)
(i) Setting up and Maintenance of Internet Servers (Mail, Web etc.,) and Campus Fiber Optic
LAN of Academic departments, Hostels and Staff quarters and related purchases.
(ii) Technical matters, purchases and maintenance related to EPABX

2. Core committee Member of WEB & MIS development / deployment committee (2012-2016)
(i) Planning and procurement of required IT infrastructure Servers , Software etc., for MIS
(ii) Setting up and Maintenance of servers.

3. Faculty Advisor, Digital and Virtual Library ( 2004 onwards)
(i) Planning and procurement of required IT infrastructure ( Servers, Scanners, Audio-visual
etc.,) to the Digital and virtual library
(ii) Setting up and Maintenance of Institutional Repository server, CD/DVD Mirror servers,
Indexing servers, Networking etc.,

4. Faculty-In-charge : EDUSAT Project (NIT Node)

5. Staff Advisor : Electronic Amateur’s and HAM Club ( 1998- 2004 : 6 years) , LAN Radio Club (2014-2018)

6. Convener, ICT Consultative Committee (2010-2011)

7. Nodal Officer : National Knowledge Network (NKN) NIT node & IPv6 Roadmap  (upto 2016)

8. Member : Institute Master Plan Committee (2015-2016)

9. Member : Project Review Committee for Lakshya Foundation (NITW Alumni)

10. Faculty Mentor : Technology Entrepreneurship Program ( Certification program of ISB,
Hyderabad) (2014 on wards)

11. Member : Selection Committee of EUPHRATES (European University admissions )

12. Faculty Advisor : Innovation Garage (a 24X7 multi-disciplinary lab) ( Jan 2015 onwards)

13. In-charge, LAN and Internet, networking at NIT, Andhra Pradesh (2015-2016)

14. Prof-in-charge : EPICS Projects (2018 on wards)

15. Coordinator : Startup Cell (presently funded by TEQIP-III) (w.e.f Dec 2017)

16. Member : LOC, Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (Jan 2018 onwards )

17. Professor  in-charge : Innovation & Incubation centre ( 1-3-2018 - 5-1-2020)
                                                         IPR Cell, Technology Business Incubator (TBI) MoUs (National Parternerships)

18. Head of the Department, ECE (26-12-19 onwards)