Department of Civil Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Warangal - 506004, Telangana, INDIA

: evr@nitw.ac.in,e.venkatarathnam@gmail.com

: 08702462118, 9490594635

Interests: Transients in Pipelines, Hydro-Power Engineering, Groundwater Engineering, Urban Water Management, Design of Hydraulic Structures, Water Distribution Networks, Reservoir Sedimentation.


  • PhD (Water Resources) - National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, India- 2006.
  • M.Sc (Hydrology)- National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Ireland-2000.
  • M.Tech (Hydraulics & Water Resources)-Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai- 1994.
  • B.Tech (Civil)- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur- 1992.
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering- E.S.C Government Polytechnic, Nandyala-1987.



 Hydraulics, Water Resources Engineering and Hydraulic Machines.


Let us conserve the natural resources, like water,  soil and forest.

Work Experience:

Professor, NIT Warangal (March 2018  to  Till date)

Associate Professor, NIT Warangal  ( July 2009- February 2018).

Assistant Professor, NIT Warangal ( January 2006- June 2009).

Lecturer (Senior Scale), NIT Warangal ( April 2003 -December 2005).

Lecturer, REC (NIT) Warangal ( January 1996-March 2003).

Management Trainee/ Assistant Design Engineer ( April 1994-January 1996)

Course Taught Previously:

Academic YearSemester  ClassesCourse IDCourse Name
2018-20192M.TechCE 5762Urban Water Management
2017-20181M.TechCE 5712Design of Water Supply & Sewerage Systems
2016-20171M.TechCE 5713Design of Hydraulic & Hydro-power Structures
CE 5711
Hydraulic Transients
CE 5712
Water Supply Systems
CE 5753
Geo-hydrology & Groundwater Management
M TechCE 5312Environmental Impact Assessment and  Management
2012-20131M TechCE 5762Urban Water Management
2011-20122M TechCE 5764Land and Water Management













ClassesDepartmentSemesterCourse IDCourse Name
B.TechCivil Engineering3CE 202

Fluid Mechanics-I

B. Tech First Year (Common) 1 & 2CE 102 

 Environmental Studies

B.TechCivil Engineering3CE 206

 Fluid Mechanics Lab

 B Tech

Civil Engineering4CE 256Hydraulic Engineering Lab

 B Tech

Civil Engineering5CE 352Irrigation Engineering

 B Tech

Civil Engineering8CE 469Hydraulic Structures & Hydro Power Engineering



Journal Publication Details:

 AuthorTitleJournal NameVol. Page. Year.
  K.Satish Kumar; E.Venkata Rathnam Analysis and Prediction of Groundwater Level Trends using Four Variations of Mann Kendall Tests and ARIMA Modeling. 

 Jour. Geol. Soc. India.94(3):281-289.

doi: 10.1007/s12594-019-1308-4.

 94(3): pp 281-289;


 Seenu P.Z;   K.V.Jayakumar;    E.Venkata Rathnam "Visualisation of Urban Flood Inundation using SWMM and 4D GIS 

Spatial Information Research Journal.

doi: 10.1007/s41324-019-00306-9


 Le Thi Hoa Binh; N.V.Umamahesh;

E.Venkata Rathnam; Vu Hai Son.

 Modelling Non-Stationary Extreme Water Levels Considering Local variates in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam





 Ruben Nerella., E.Venkata RathnamFluid Transients and Wave Propagation in Pressurized Conduits due to valve closure

Procedia  Engineering,

Vol.127, pp 1158-1164,


 N.Ruben.,  E.Venkata RathnamAnalysis of Pump-Pipeline System using  Elastic theory of Fluid Transients

International Journal of  Research in Engineering and Technology, IJRET,

doi: 10.15623/ijret.2015.0423017

ISSN: 2319-1163

Vol.4, Special issue-11,

October 2015,

pp 100-102.


Tarun Kandpal, C K Anoop., E. Venkata Rathnam ;  K. V. Jyakumar

Simulation of Groundwater flows around an urban lake using processing MODFLOW

International Journal of Water resources and Environmental Management,

ISSN: 2229-5933

 Vol.4, issue 2,

December 2013,

pp 89-105.


Pritanjali Shende, C K Anoop,E Venkata Rathnam,

K. V. Jyakumar  

Seasonal monitoring of Quality of Lake and GroundwaterResearch & Reviews: Journal of Engineering and Technology, ISSN: 2319-9873

Vol.2, issues 3, September 2013,

pp 54-160.


 Pritanjali Shende, Tarun Kandpal, C K Anoop,

E Venkata Rathnam, K. V. Jyakumar  

Laboratory studies on water quality assessment of groundwater of open dug wells and surface water of Lake Waddepally  International Journal of Scientific Research, ISSN: 2277-8179

Vol.2, Issue 2, February 2013,

pp 66-69.

E.Venkata rathnam, S.Md.Abdulla and K.V.Jayakumar

Probabilistic Approach for Rainfall Data Analysis for Urban Stormwater Management

Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development

July-August, 2004,

pp 153-163.


Conference Proceedings:

AuthorTitleConference Name and Venue

Vol. Page. Year.
E.Venkata Rathnam; N. Sagar Kumar; N.MowlaliEfficient Means of Fluid Transient Suppression in Water Pumping Systems- Case Studies38th IAHR World Congress, Panama city, South America



P.Shyam Sunder; G.Suryakiran; E.Venkata Rathnam; K.V.JayaKumarReservoir Sedimentation Analysis through Field Studies and Hydrographic Survey38th IAHR  World Congress, Panama City, South America



Ruben Nerella; Venkata Rathnam ErvaThe effect of wave speed and pump specific speed on transient pressure simulations37th IAHR World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Nangigadda Mowlali; Ruben Nerella; Venkata Rathnam ErvaDesign of air chamber for mitigating transient pressures in a pumping main37th IAHR World Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Ruben Nerella, E.Venkata RathnamAnalysis of Transients in a Pumping main using Discrete Vapour Cavitation Model20th International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and River Engineering, HYDRO2015, IIT Roorkee, IndiaDecember 2015

N.Ruben., E.Venkata Rathnam., P. Raghuveer Rao

Surge Protection Design for water conveyance System for the case of Power failure to Pumps in Lift Irrigation Project Using SAP2International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources, Coastal and Environmental Engineering, HYDRO2014, MANIT Bhopal, India.December 2014

N.Mowlali., E.Venkata Rathnam

Artificial Neural Network Model for Design of Air Vessel for Controlling the Water hammer Pressures

International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources, Coastal and Environmental Engineering, HYDRO2014, MANIT Bhopal, India.December 2014

M.Sagar Kumar., E.Venkata Rathnam

Method of Characteristics Approach for Solving Water Hammer Equations-A Case Study of JCR Devadula Lift Irrigation Project4th International Conference on Hydrology and Watershed Management,ICHWAM2014,  JNT University, HyderabadOctober2014

N.Ruben., E.Venkata Rathnam

Analysis of Water Hammer Pressure Heads in a Pump-Pipeline SystemsNational Conference, SWARDAM2013, Government Engineering College, Aurangabad, Maharastra, IndiaSeptember 2013

 C K Anoop,E.Venkata Rathnam, A.Shahul Hameed, K. V. Jayakumar  

Water balance studies of Lakes in Warangal city using Isotopic tracer techniquesInternational Conference on Water, Wastewater and Isotope hydrology (IWWISH),  Bangalore University, Bangalore.July 2013
Tarun Kandpal, C K Anoop.,E.Venkata Rathnam, K. V. Jayakumar  Study on Lake and Groundwater Interaction using Chloride Mass Balance Method and PMWINInternational Conference on Water, Wastewater and Isotope hydrology (IWWISH), Bangalore University, Bangalore.July 2013
N.Ruben.,  E.Venkata RathnamComputation of water hammer pressure heads in a pipe line systemNational Conference, CAMSE-2012, VNIT, NagpurDecember 2012
C K Anoop,E.Venkata Rathnam, A. Shahul Hameed,   K. V. Jayakumar.Lake water quality and its interaction with aquifers in Warangal cityNational conference on conservation and management of wetland ecosystem (LAKE 2012), Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.
November 2012
C K Anoop.,E. Venkata Rathnam, T. Shashidhar , A.Shahul Hameed, ,K. V. Jayakumar.Isotopic studies for Lake HydrologyNational Conference, HYDRO 2011, SVNIT Surat, Gujarat.December 2011
N.Ruben.,  E.Venkata RathnamWater Hammer Analysis of Pumping Main of the Lift Irrigation SchemeNational Conference, HYDRO 2011, SVNIT Surat, GujaratDecember 2011
E.Venkata Rathnam.,  K.V.Jayakumar
Design and Surge Protection of Pumping Main in Lift Irrigation Project-A Case StudyASCE/ EWRI International Conference 2010, IIT Madras, ChennaiJanuary 2010
K.Govradhan Reddy.,  E. Venkata Rathnam
Genetic algorithms for Optimization of Detentions ponds Storage VolumesASCE/EWRI International Conference, 2006, New Delhi (organized by IIT Kanpur and EWRI)December 2006
Shaik Faziuddin., E.Venkata RathnamUse of Geographical Information Systems for Estimation of Urban Stormwater Runoff10th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Copenhagen, Denmark
August 2005
E.Venkata Rathnam., N.Cheeralaiah., K.V.JayakumarDynamic Programming Model for Optimisation of Detention Ponds in Multiple Catchment SystemInternational Conference on Hydrology: Science & Practice for 21st Century, BHS2004, Imperial College, London.January 2004
E.Venkata Rathnam., K.V.JayakumarHydrologic Design of Detention Ponds for Urban Stormwater ManagementInternational Conference on Water and Wastewater Perspective in Developing Countries, IIT DelhiDecember  2002
S.Md. Abdulla.,  E.Venkata RathnamStudy on Optimisation of Stormwater Detention Systems Using Dynamic ProgrammingInternational Conference on Urban Hydrology, ICUH2002, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaOctober 2002
E.Venkata Rathnam.,  K.V.JayakumarApplication of SMADA for Hyderabad Urban Watershed

Advances in Civil Engineering, ACE2002,

IIT Kharagpur, India

January 2002
E.Venkata Rathanm., K.V.Jayakuma., C. CunnaneRunoff Computation in a Data Scarce Environment for Urban Stormwater Management- A Case Study29th IAHR, International Association for Hydraulic Research, Beijing, ChinaSeptember 2001




Ph.D.'s Supervised :

1. Mr. C.K.Anoop (April 2015)-  PhD thesis title: "A Study of Environmental Stable isotopes, Physico- Chemical Water quality Parameters and Urban Lake-Groundwater Interaction" . He worked  as JRF in the  DST-CWRDM  sponsored project sanctioned to NIT Warangal.  DST-CWRDM Research Project  Title: "Lake dynamics and their interaction with aquifers at Warangal city by using isotope studies". DST Ltr. No.SR/S3/ENGF-01/2002 Dt.16th November 2010.  Project Co-ordinator & Co-Investigator of the Project: Dr.A.Shahul Hameed,  Scientist E2, CWRDM, Kozhikode, Kerala

2. Mr. Nerella Ruben (January 2017) PhD thesis  title " Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Water Conveyance Pumping systems using Discrete Vapour Cavitation Model".



Ph.D's Ongoing:

1. Ms. Le Thi  Hoa  Binh,   ( ICCR Candidate)- Research Area- Modelling of Extreme Rainfall Under Climate Change - (Registered for PhD in July 2016- Co-Supervision with Prof. N.V. Umamahesh).

2. Mr. P. Shyam Sundar, Research Area- Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Projects- (Registered for PhD in  December 2016- Co-Supervision with Prof. K.V. Jayakumar).

3. Mr. K. Satish Kumar, Research Area- Groundwater-Aquifer Mapping- (Registered for PhD in July 2017).

4. Mr.  M.Shiva Shankar. Research Area- CFD Modelling of Sediment Retention in Urban Storm Sewers- ( Registered for PhD in December 2017).

5. Mr. M.Sagar Kumar. Research Area- Urban Stormwater Management in Climate Change Scenario-(Registered for PhD in July 2018).



Workshops/STTPs/Conferences Organized:

TitleSponsored byCoordinator(s)/ Editors
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Methods for Flood Risk Management

GIAN Programme, MHRD, Government of India &

IIT Kharagpur

Prof. V. Merwade, Purdue University, USA &

Prof. E.Venkata Rathnam; Prof.N.V.UmaMahesh

25th July 2018 to

1st August 2018.

Analysis and Design of Water distribution NetworksTEQIP-II, NIT Warangal

Dr. Ajey Kumar patel and 

Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam

March 16-18, 2017

Waste Management Technologies for Urban AreasTEQIP-II, NIT Warangal

Dr.P.Venkateswara Rao and

Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam

January 23-25, 2017

Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Piping Systems in Power PlantsBharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Corporate Research & Development Division), Vikas Nagar, Hyderabad-500093Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam, Er.R.V.S.Krishna Dutt, Er. M.Dakshina Murty

December 4-5, 2015

 National Conference on " Climate Change and Sustainable Water Resources Management" CSWM-2015.
 Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India. Jointly organized by NIT Warangal and Indian Society of Hydraulics (ISH).
Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam, Prof. K.V.JayaKumar, Dr.Ajey Kumar Patel, Dr.P. Venkateswara Rao, Dr.P.Hari Prasad Reddy,
Dr.K. Venkat Reddy

September 3-5, 2015

Surge Analysis and Design of Water Conveyance Systems in Lift Irrigation SchemesTEQIP-II, NIT Warangal

Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam and

Prof. K.V.JayaKumar   

June18-20, 2014
  Emerging Trends in Water Supply SectorTEQIP-II, NIT Warangal

Dr.E.Venkata Rathnam and

Prof. K.V.JayaKumar    

 April13-14, 2012      
  Plumbing Works-Repairs and Maintenance of Water Supply and Sanitation Lines      TEQIP-I, NIT Warangal

Dr. E.Venkata Rathnam and

Dr. T. Shshidhar

February 10, 2007



Workshop/STTPs/Conference Attended:

Short Title

Period/ Date

Name of the Conference/ Workshop

Organized At
HYDRO-2019December 201924th HYDRO- International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering.

Osmania University, Hyderabad

37th IAHR congressAugust 2017International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering Research- 37th IAHR World Congress

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HYDRO- 2016December 2016 21st International conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering

CWPRS, Pune, India

HYDRO- 2015December 201520th International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and River Engineering,

IIT Roorkee, India

HYDRO- 2014December 2014International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources, Costal and Environmental Engineering

MANIT, Bhopal, India

IWWISH- 2013July 2013International Conference on Water, Wastewater and Isotope hydrology

 Bangalore University, Bangalore

29th IAHR Congress
September 2001International Association of Hydraulic Research- International Conference
Beijing, China
ACE- 2002January 2002International Conference on Advances in Civil EngineeringIIT kharagpur, India
ICUH- 2002October 14-18, 2002International Conference on Urban DrainageKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
BHS- 2004July 2004British Hydrological Society- International Conference on Hydrology: Science & Practice for 21st CenturyImperial College, London, UK
AWESD- 2005May 16-17, 2005National Conference on Advances in Water Engineering for Sustainable DevelopmentIIT Madras, Chennai
ASCE- EWRI -2006December 2006ASCE- Environmental Water Resources Research Institute-International ConferenceNew Delhi



M.Tech Student Dissertations Supervised:

Dissertation/ Project NameStudent(s) Name, Specialization
Acd. Year
A Three Dimensional Approach for Simulating Invert Trap Performance

Biswanath Madali (M.Tech, WRE)

Evaluation of Water Distribution Systems using Pressure Driven Analysis

Mohit Singh Markam (M.Tech, WRE)

Forecasting of Groundwater Levels using  Time Series Modelling and Support Vector Regression

 Cheekatla Harish (M.Tech, WRE)

A Two Dimensional Approach for Urban Flood Inundation Mapping

Rahul Yadav (M.Tech, WRE)

Design of Stormwater Conveyance System for Low-Lying Areas in Warangal City

Rahul Pal (M.Tech, WRE)

A Study on Groundwater Flow Modelling of Jaipur City using Visual MODFLOW

Jaiprakash Bairwa (M.Tech, WRE)

 Construction Material management Using Information and Communication Technology

K.Ramu (M.Tech, CTM)

Urban Flood Inundation Study for a Part of Hyderabad City Using SWMM and GIS

P.Z.Seenu M.Tech, WRE),

Joint supervision with Prof. K.V.Jayakumar

Analysis of Effects of Leeves on River Swan flow characteristics using HEC-RAS

Mr. B. RamaKrishna, (M.Tech, WRE)

Prioritization of Risk factors of the Dam Using Analytical Network Process

Mr.K.Vignesh Kumar, (M.Tech, CTM)

A Study on Lake water and  Groundwater interactions  using VISUAL MODFLOWMs.P.Madhavi (M.Tech, WRE)2015
Simulation of Hydrological parameters of Thungbhadra River Basin Using SWAT ModelMs.Nissi Priya (M.Tech, WRE)2015
Method of Characteristics Approach for Solving Water Hammer Equations-A Case Study of JCR Devadula Lift Irrigation ProjectMr.M.Sagar Kumar ( M.Tech, WRE)2014
Artificial Neural Network Model For Optimization of Air Vessel to Control Hydraulic TransientsMr.N.Mowlali (M.Tech, WRE)2014
Groundwater quality mapping suing Remote Sensing and GISMr.Rahul jain (M.Tech, EE))2014
A Hydrologic Study of Umaiam Reservoir in Meghalaya, IndiaMr. Jeffrey Denzil K. Marak (M.Tech, WRE)2014
Demand Driven Analysis of Water Distribution NetworkMr.S.Rabin (M.Tech, WRE)2014
Studies for Assessment of   Quality of Lake water and GroundwaterMs. Pritanjali Shende (M.Tech, EE)
Simulation of Lake water and Groundwater   interaction using MODFLOW-PMWINMr. Tarun Kandpal (M.Tech,EE)2013
Priortisation of Urban Drainage Rehabilitation Zones using Analytical Hierarchy ProcessMr. Nikhil. B (M.Tech, CTM)
Application of AHP and MAUT for Performance Evaluation of ProjectsMr. P. Venkatesh (M.Tech, CTM)
Stormwater Conveyance System Design- A Case study for Karimnagar TownMs. T. Sirisha (M.Tech, WRE)
Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment- A Case Study for Tirupati TownMr. P. Chiranjeevi(M.Tech,EE)2009
Analysis of Hydraulic Transients caused by tripping of pump motors in pipelines using Method of CharacteristicsMr. M.V.S. Sudheer(M.Tech,WRE)2009
Finite Difference Approach for water hammer analysis in pipeline for downstream valve closureMr. K.V.M.Bhaskara Rao(M.Tech, WRE)2008
Estimation of Aquifier parameters from Pumping test data using Genetic AlgorithmsMr. P.Vinay kumar(M.Tech,WRE)2007
Analysis of water distribution network using EPANETMr. K.V.Ravindra (M.Tech, WRE)2007
Estimation of Irrigation Water Requirements of Nagarjunasagar Left Canal Command area using GISMs. T. Hemalatha(M.Tech,WRE)2006
Optimization of Water Distribution Network of NIT campus using Genetic AlgorithmsMs. R. Anitha(M.Tech,WRE)2006
Gradually Varied Flow Computation in Canal NetworkMs. B. Karuna(M.Tech, WRE)


DST/ AICTE/ MHRD or Other Sponsored R&D Projects:


Project Name

Project Cost

Duration &

Sanctioned Year

Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM), Kozhikode

Lake dynamics and their interaction with aquifers at Warangal city by using isotope studies

19.801 Lakhs 

3 years, November (2011-2014) 



Consultancy Projects:

AuthorityProject NameConsultancy
Project Cost

Duration &

Sanctioned Year

Superintending Engineer, TDWSP,


Mission Bhagiratha-Vetting of Hydraulic Statements of Water Pipelines in the following segments.

(i) Peddapally -Ramagundam (ii) Korutla-Jagityal-Dharmapuri (iii) Manthani-Bhupalapally (iv)  Siricilla-Vemulawada-Choppadandi

4.80 Lakhs

2 Months (September 2017)

Superintending Engineer, TDWSP, Mahabubnagar-509001

Surge Analysis  and Design of Protection devices for the following pumping mains (i) 1730 & 1580mm Diameter MS pipelines from Kammadanam to Raghavapur (From 0.000 to  39.525km) (ii) 1830mm Diameter MS Pipeline from Karkalpahad to Kadthal (from 0.000 to 10.82km) (iii) 2230mm diameter MS pipelines from Yellore Reservoir to Gowridevipally (iv) 1730mm diameter MS pipelines from Gowridevipally to Gudipally Gattu 4500 KL GLBR (chainage 0.00 to 2.185km); and  (v) 2330 MS pipelines from Gowridevipally to Gudipally Gattu 8500 KL GLBR (chainage 0.00 to 2.190km).

2.83 Lakhs


3.186 Lakhs = 6.016 Lakhs

2 Months (August 2017)

The Vice Chairman, Kakatiya Urban Development Authority (KUDA),


Widening and Strengthening of the Bhadrakali Foreshore Bund, to a top width of 100 feet to a length of 4 km from Padmakshi Road to towards Rangampet ( via Gayatri Temple) under HRIDAY scheme-Design of stormwater cum sewage drain along foreshore Bund.

2.31 Lakhs

4 Months

( July2017)

Superintending Engineer,

P.I.P.L.M.C. Circle,

Polavaram Irrigation Project,

Tuni-533401, East Godavari District, A.P

Purushotapatnam Lift Scheme Stage1- Lifting of water from River Godavari near Purushotapatnam village and dropping into Polavaram Irrigation Project Left Main canal @ km1.800.    

Lift scheme stage2-Lifting of water from Polavaram Left Main canal @ km 50.000    and dropping water into Yeluru Reservoir- Vetting of Designs of Surge protection devices.


7.82 Lakhs

4 Months


Vice President (Civil), Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Limited, Kurnool-518004, A.P

Surge Analysis and Design of Protection Devices for Water Pumping Pipeline of 7.7km length Pressure Main from Thungbhadra River to SRACC  Factory Site.

 2.30 Lakhs  2 Months (March2017)
The Vice President,  MAYTAS-MEIL-KBL Joint Venture, Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037Vetting of Designs -Udayasamudram Lift Scheme-Surge Analysis for  Water Pumping Pressure main of 2200mm diameter3.16 Lakhs2 Months (February2017)

Vice President (Designs) MEIL, S-2, Technocrat Industrial Estate. Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037 

 Vetting of  Designs & Surge Analysis- Madakasira Branch Canal and Other Pumping Stations at Km. 216.300 of HNSS Main Canal in Anantapur District- Surge Analysis of 1200mm Diameter M.S Pressure Mains 3.45 Lakhs

 2 Months


Superintending Engineer, TDWSP (RWS&S)- Circle, Waranagl-506001

(a) Vetting of Designs for the Proposed Drinking Water Supply to 17 Mandals of Warangal Districts under Mission Bhagiratha.

(b) Vetting of Surge Analysis Report on " 1730mm MS Pressure Main From Palair Lake intake to Madhiripuram Water Treatment Plant".

10.35 Lakhs

1 Year (2016)
Superintending Engineer, ISPHW Circle, Dowlaiswaram (A.P)-533125

Design Vetting of Surge Analysis for Pattisam Lift Irrigation Scheme

7.58 Lakhs

 6 Months (2015)
NCC Limited, Hyderabad  

Hydraulic Design of Design of Weirs across River Mahanadi, in Chattishgarh State.

 12.5  Lakhs
1 year (2012)

Jai Prakash-Gayatri Joint Venture, Hyderabad

Surge protection and Design of Pressure main from Karakavagu to Rollapadu,Lalithapur to Sudimella in the Package no.33 of Rajiv Sagar Lift Irrigation Project

4.49 Lakhs

2 years ( 2007)

I&CAD, Gauging Division, Karimnagar

Calibration of Current Meters

0.18 Lakhs

2months (2008)

Deputy Executive Engineer, Sub-division No.1, LMD Colony, karimnagar

Chemical analysis of Leaching Material Collected from Lower Manair Dam

1.9 Lakhs




Awards And Honours:

Award NameDetail
Irish Government Fellowship 1999

 With the Irish Government Fellowship 1999, A course on M.Sc (Hydrology) from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Ireland has been completed and awarded the degree in December 2000.


Additional Responsibility:

  1. Faculty In-charge, Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources Laboratory, 2001-2015.
  2. Warden for NITW hostels, 2001-2004.
  3. Staff Advisor for Science and Hobbies Club, 2006-2009.
  4. Faculty In-charge, for construction of Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM), Centre for Automation and Instrumentation (CAI) and Class rooms over VLSI (ECE) building,  2007-2009.
  5. Head of the Division, Water & Environment Division, Civil Engineering Department, 2007-2010.
  6. Warden for Cauvery Mess (Mess no.3), NITW Hostels,2010-2012.
  7. Deputy Chief Warden, NITW Hostels, 2012-2013.
  8.  Vice President, Teachers Welfare Association of NIT Warangal (TWANITW), for the year 2013.
  9. Faculty Advisor, Students Tech Fest, TECHNOZION 2014.
  10. Associate Dean (Faculty Welfare), NIT Warangal,  2014-2016.
  11.  Associate Dean (Examinations), NIT Warangal, April 2018-January 2019.


Other Academic Activities/ Membership of Professional Societies:

  1. Life member of Indian Water Resources Society, IWRS
  2. Member of International Association of Hydrological Sciences, IAHS
  3. Fellow of Institution of Engineers India, IE (I)
  4. Member of National Society of Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power India, NSFMFP (I)
  5. Life Member of Indian Society for Technical education, ISTE.
  6. Member, American Water Works Association (AWWA).

Course Taught Previously




PHDs Supervised






Awards and Honors


Additional Responsibility