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Electronics & ICT Academy, Telangana State, India

AI and Machine Learning (NKN Summer Course) @ NIT Warangal

Participants Information

Participants: 86
Female participants:22
Male participants:64
Participants from SC/ST category:06

Lab Sessions

  • Applying Data Pre-Processing techniques
  • Model training and evaluation using classification techniques
  • Building k-NN classifier
  • Unsupervised learning using k-Means Clustering
  • Using Feature Engineering for improved analysis
  • Deriving feature vectors from text data and using them for analysis

Topics Covered

  • Introduction and history of AI and ML
  • Data Pre-Processing
  • Supervised Learning
  • Un-Supervised Learning
  • Feature Engineering in Computer Vision
  • Recommendation Systems Using Microblogs


List of Speakers

Dr. Durga Toshniwal, Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee

Ms. Prerna Agarwal, Industry Expert, IBM Research Lab

Dr. Arun Chauhan, Assistant Professor, IIITM Dharwad

Feedback Summary

  • FDP was very informative.

  • All the concepts in the FDP were explained very clearly.

  • Hospitality at NIT Warangal was good.

  • Lab Sessions were very effective.

  • Suggestions from Participants

  • Duration of the course should be increased.