Vision And Mission

Our Vision and Mission


Through its faculty, Department of Bio-Technology is a driving force.

  • To apply engineering knowledge and create novel technologies that improve the human condition by optimizing opportunities for further training and a successful transition to a career in the biotechnology and life sciences.
  • To initiate a level of attitude in research that will provide solutions to environmental, industrial, agricultural and health based problems.
  • To graduate students who can compete, with advantage, within the relevant academic and commercial markets in the world.


  • To offer a comprehensive exploration of basic science, applied science, and lab science with an industry focus and to act collectively like a enzyme in enhancing, improving and supporting interdisciplinary research and training.
  • To provide a quality education in pursuit of knowledge, that establishes a strong foundation for understanding developments in the rapidly advancing field of biotechnology with the development of new biochemical technologies and therapies through research and education.
  • To provide the nation with highly trained professional who are able to implement the scientific principles to the continuous improvement of the safe, quality and value biotechnological services and products.

What is Biotechnology Engineering?

  • Biotechnology engineering is a branch of engineering where technology is combined with biology for research & development. There are various applications of biotechnology in fields such as animal husbandry, growth of vaccines and medicines, agriculture, pollution control, energy production and conservation, healing of prolonged disease and ecological conservation. It also helps in development of insecticides, fertilizers and quality of seeds. A candidate who specializes in this field is known as a biotechnologist or Bioprocess Engineer. There are lots of career opportunities in this field for young aspirants both in India as well as in aboard.
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