For over a decade, the emergence of data-intensive applications in e-Science and commercial domain has triggered revolutionary measures for data management, analysis and accessibility. The petabyte era poses a critical challenge for analysis of massive data for extraction of meaningful information and knowledge. Modern health information systems, blogs, astronomy, in-silico biology, telecommunications, web databases which generateexabytes of data, are mines of useful knowledge. The tremendous growth in data volumes has created opportunities for new tools and algorithms to perform rapid analysis on large datasets.

The fourth International Conference on Big Data Analytics (BDA-2015) offers a platform for researchers and practitioners to share research results, experiences and thoughts on big data from different perspectives including storing models, data accessing, new paradigms of computing, analyzing, information sharing and privacy, redesigning mining algorithms, open issues,and future research trends. BDA-2015 is envisaged to offer fertile ground for collaborations between institutions and industries. Tutorials, keynote lectures and invited talks would charge young researchers to identify challenging problems and to shape future research directions.