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The 4th International Conference on

Accepted Papers

S No. Authors Title of the Paper
1 Astha Sachdev,Kunal Gupta and Ashish Sureka Khanan: Performance Comparison and Programming alpha-Miner Algorithm in Column-Oriented and Relational Database Query Languages
2 Kritika Anand, Nisha Gupta and Ashish Sureka Utility-Based Control Flow Discovery from Business Process Event Logs
3 Arpita Nagpal and Deepti Gaur A New Proposed Feature Subset Selection Algorithm based on Maximization of Gain Ratio
4 Vishal Goel and B.D. Chaudhary Concept Discovery from Un-Constrained Distributed Context
5 Ruchita Bansal, Siddharth Dawar and Vikram Goyal An Efficient Algorithm for Mining High-utility Itemsets with Discount Notion
6 Mohamood Adhil, Santhosh Gandham, Asoke K. Talukder, Prahalad Achutharao and Mahima Agarwal CuraEx - Clinical Expert System Using Big-data for Precision Medicine
7 Mahima Agarwal, Mohamood Adhil and Asoke K. Talukder Multi-Omics Multi-Scale Big Data Analytics for Cancer Genomics
8 Shivani Sharma, Abhinna Agrawal and Dhaval Patel Class Aware Exemplar Discovery from Microarray Gene Expression Data
9 Surbhi Bhardwaj and Subrat Kumar Dash VDMR-DBSCAN: Varied Density MapReduce DBSCAN
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