The DANCE AND DRAMATICS  CLUB elected for the academic year 2011-2012

PURPOSE: The DND club is an organisation which consists of a dedicated group of members always enthusiastic  about putting up a well choreographed show for the ever interest crowd of our college and would make attempt evertything they can to make that happen. It has a diverse mix of students who are passonate about dance from b'boying to contemporary   to mass, we excel in all dance forms. when its time to turn up the heat and follow the rythm, the only person u need to be is yourself


  • Audi n8 for ALUMNI MEET
  • Freshers Event
  • Audi n8 for TECHNOZION
  • Dance workshop for freshers
  • Audi n8 is in January
  • Pre Spree elimination
  • Audi n8 in February
  • Zero gravity in March
  • Events under Spring Spree (tentative)
  • Group dance
  • Solo Western
  • Solo Classical
  • pair dance
  • skit
  • Mime


FACULTY ADVISOR:       Dr K Anand kishore, Dept of Chemical Engg

GENERAL SECRETARY:             N Nokka Raju, Final Yr Undergraduate, Dept of Chemical Engg

Additional Secretaries:

  • Bibheyranjan
  • D.Ramakrishna
  • K.Keerthi
  • K.Mahendra
  • B.V.Divya
  • Meghana Pamidighantam
  • PriyaGudaru
  • Arthi Singh

Joint Secretaries:

  • JashmiLagisetty
  • Manu Mohan
  • Amanda NikithaAbero
  • B.BhanuPratap
  • Kevin Tom George
  • B. Ujjwal
  • Bishnu Prasad Acharya
  • Devasish Vadlamudi
  • B.Phaninder
  • N.Shiva Kumar
  • G.Hanvitha
  • K.Moon
  • M.Sruthi
  • J.Sailaja