The Institute has excellent residential facilities for all the students admitted to the various courses. There are ten hostel blocks (halls of residence) for men and three for women.

Hostel administration is managed by a Chief Warden and a team of Wardens drawn from the faculty and appointed by the Director on a tenure basis. Hostel Advisory Council headed by the Director is responsible for major policy decisions with respect to the hostel administration. Hostel Executive Committee takes decisions on routine matters. Students have representation on both the administrative bodies. Hostel office has full-fledged supporting staff and other workers.

Messes :

There are five messes in the men’s hostels, two of them serving non-vegetarian meals, one mess vegetarian meals and the remaining two providing both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Ladies’ hostel has a separate mess which offers both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The messes operate on ‘no profit – no loss’ basis and cater to the taste of students from all regions of the country. There are mess representatives nominated from the students and a mess warden to supervise the smooth running of the messes. Messes are equipped with excellent furniture and purified chilled water.