SpringSpree was started in the year 1978 by the students of National Institute of Technology, Warangal.  It was an intercollegiate annual sports and cultural event held between January and March every year. Students came up with the idea of holding a small festival, which would lay down a platform for the students to showcase their skills in the areas of sports, athletics and cultural activities. Additionally, the festival was to unify a diverse student body by celebrating the culture of the regions to which they belonged along with the culture of India as a whole. It was the first college festival in southern India and was conducted every year till the end of the 90s. SpringSpree was not conducted for a few years in the early 2000s. Its revival was gradual with small fests from clubs finally giving rise to a mini cultural festival called Elysium in 2006. In 2007, SpringSpree was brought back and has since been an annual event.

SpringSpree, a three day annual cultural festival, showcases 55+ events in the fields of art, literature, drama, dance, music, quizzing, photography and painting. Including spotlight events like Fashion Show, Bboying Competition, Rock Music Competition, Model United Nations and Minute Made. A number of arts and skill oriented workshops are also held to give a jump start to the enthusiastic participants. Apart from these, SpringSpree holds various attractions like Amazing Race, Lounge, The One, The Haunted House and many others. To cater to the young entrepreneurs there are events involving business planning and stock marketing.

SpringSpree also conducts concerts during the three days of Spree, known Pronites. Famous musicians are invited to close each day of the fest with a bang. In the years prior, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, has seen the likes of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Jasraj, Naresh Iyer and Stephen Devassy to name a few. Indian rock bands like Parikrama, Thermal And a Quarter, ThemClones, Drum Cafe and others have also performed.

SpringSpree is a fest conducted by the students of National Institute of Technology, Warangal on a non-profit basis. Every year a core committee of students is chosen by the student council of the college to oversee the smooth running of the fest. They are aided by the student council themselves and a faculty advisor chosen by the administration to assist them in their tasks. The core committee looks after the all important aspects of the fest like Event Conduction, Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, Hospitality, Design, Decoration, Accounting and Prizes. Every member of the committee is dedicated to either of these departments. The synchronization between all the working committees is taken care by the student coordinator of the festival. To assist the core committee, a sub-core committee and a work force body is chosen forming an apex structure contributing to a students working team. The success of the festival heavily depends on the efforts and idea of the entire students working team

The 26th Edition of SpringSpree is going to be held from 9-11 March 2012. It is to portray the theme “Rubaroo India”, emphasizing on Rediscovery of Indian Culture.

The Official Website for the festival is www.springspree.in