The National Institute of Technology is home to more than 4000 of India’s brilliant minds and future leaders. Setting trends in the technological and academic worlds, the premier institute also houses foreign students from more than 30 countries all over the world. This is where the Forum for International Student Affairs (FISA) steps in. FISA, an infant club at the institute serves as a platform to showcase the talent of the foreign students and show that they are at par with everyone else.

That’s not where FISA stops. Apart from being a talent platform, FISA also caters the academic needs of foreign students. It is no secret that the Indian educational system requires that a student clear tough competition and emerge a winner if he has to be considered worthy and the college being one of the best in the country is home only to the cream layer of such winners. FISA recognises the need of foreign students for extra academic help and extends support and guidance in such matters. Taking this into consideration, FISA is organising extra classes for subjects that are considered tough and these classes will be conducted taking into consideration the needs and limits of foreign students who are new to the Indian way of teaching. FISA comprises of members who themselves are foreign students and understands that it is difficult to adjust to a new environment thousands of miles away from home. New place, new college, new faces and a new learning system is bound to be overwhelming to anyone and hence we strive to do everything possible to make foreign students comfortable in their new surroundings.  Students are most welcome to contact any of the club members for guidance for anything that may be bothering them and the members will try their level best to help the students out.

As it serves to be a platform to foreign students, FISA also gives the local students a sneak view of international culture to show them the delights of places beyond the Indian shores, and what can be a better way to put up a cultural display other than food and movies. Organising an International Food Festival is FISA’s way of giving NITW a taste of life abroad. An international food festival is also on FISA’s agenda where students can enjoy something different from the traditional bollywood movies.

FISA also has other exciting events for active participation of both foreign and local students.  A sports meet to display the sporting talents and a cultural program will soon be held. FISA also plans to pair up with the L&D club and organise a debate/essay competition, the main focus being on international affairs. Organising an Inter-NIT foreign student’s meet is another event that has the club members excited. It is the first time that such an event will be hosted in the institute.

With blessing from the Dean and a kick start by Dr. Kesava Rao, the club was started in the academic year 2010-11. Owing to lack of funds and confusion, the club hosted no more than an inaugural. However, starting this year(2011-12), the club under the leadership of Anish Singh, the general secretary,  and innovative ideas from the club members, the club has found its direction and strives to be the most happening club in NITW.

The main goal of FISA is to bring the foreign students of NITW under one canopy to ensure that they excel in academic and co-curricular activities and bring pride to our prestigious institute.


Team of fisa

Faculty advisor : Prof. D.S. kesava Rao

General SecretaryAnish Singh

Additonal General SecretaryVivek Vepa


Joint Secretaries:


  • Sadhan Adlakha
  • Prajin Jonche
  • Mohammed Azad
  • Ayesha Maryum

Executive members:

  • Vivek Singh
  • Pramond Nepal
  • Aakash Taduri
  • Kousalya Dwarapudi

List of events :

  • Inaugural/ freshers event (nov)
  • Sports meet (nov)
  • Classes for foreign students (starting of the 2nd sem January)
  • Inter Nit Foreign students meet(feb)
  • Cultural Programme(jan)
  • Entrepreneurship event (feb)
  • Food festival(march)
  • Quiz, debate and essay competitions( in between events whenever we get some gaps)