Centre for Educational Technology

Centre for Educational Technology was established in 1987 with an objective of improving instructional methods and making learning effective.

The centre has a collection of about 300 video films on technical education. Its infrastructure includes over head projectors, slide projector, LCD projector, sound recording and playing system, DVD player, CD-ROM server, Computers with multimedia facility, CD writers, COMPAQ ML370 server with a Network of 10 nodes and educational CD-ROMs.

The Centre is engaged in designing and developing performance appraisal systems for the teachers and also analysis of students’ performance. Since its inception the centre has organised a number of seminars, short term training programs in Educational Technology and has helped young and junior teachers of engineering drawn from all over the country in acquiring effective instructional skills. The centre is helping students to learn better by conducting workshops on Learning Skills.

The infrastructure of the centre has been strengthened by two MHRD project, namely “Developing Networked Digital Library as an On-line Learning Resource” and “Extension of E-learning Facilities of Education Technology Laboratory”.

Incharge : L.Krishnanand Ph.d