nternational Conference
ew Frontiers in hemical, nergy and nvironmental ngineering

March 20-21, 2015

Organized by

Department of Chemical Engineering,

National Institute of Technology

Warangal-506 004, Telangana State, India


Energy is one of the major building blocks of modern society. Industries are attributed to be the main sources of environmental pollution. The problems associated with the energy and environment have now become the subject of international debate. Engineers play vital role in devising environmental pollution mitigating techniques and developing sustainable energy technologies.

In the context of the above, an international conference on chemical, energy and environmental engineering is contemplated to provide a forum for constructive dissemination of knowledge and research in this field among the academicians, scientists and industry people.

Theme of the conference :

The main themes of the conference are energy, environment and sustainability which are the current challenges being faced by the engineers and scientists around the world. In addition to the main themes, the conference will also cover the recent important areas in chemical and allied fields such as CFD, green technology, process intensification and novel separation techniques, process systems engineering applications, etc.

INCEEE-2015 proceeding of the conference papers will be peer reviewed and published in

Environmental Science and Pollution Research - Spinger publications
Chemical Product and Process Modeling Berkely Press

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